Day 14: Burgos (15km)

Burgos Cathedral

We had booked a cheap hotel across the river in Burgos to enjoy our last night together. The middle-aged couple left very early and we made sure to give them enough time to get far ahead of us so that we could walk alone. We were feeling sad that this would be our last day together. Jennifer was leaving for Madrid the next day and then flying back to America while I intended to continue walking to Santiago. Jennifer didn’t want to finish and wished that she could continue on with me and I wished that I could continue to have her company. But she had children to return home to.

There are alternative routes into Burgos and we followed a river through a park. Reaching Burgos, we made our way to the hugely impressive cathedral. From here, we used google maps to find our hotel which lay just outside of the city centre, over a bridge and not far from the cathedral. The hotel clerk allowed us to check in early and we promptly went to sleep in the nice clean beds. The windows opened wide, the bathroom was sumptuous and the linens smelt wonderfully clean and fresh. It was heavenly.

Once revived, we showered and went for lunch before going on an audio tour of the cathedral. The cathedral needs at least two hours in order to see it properly. It is the most beautiful piece of architectural beauty that I have ever seen. The hairs of my arm stood up and I felt overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of it. I realised that I would need to return to Burgos in order to take in more of the sumptuous beauty. I felt saturated within minutes of standing inside the cathedral. It felt similar to standing in the British Museum. One visit is never enough, nor is a second, third, fourth, etc.

One of the many street statues

Overwhelmed and heavy with sheer reverential grandeur, we decided to climb the steep hill and see the castle. Here, there is a well with stairs leading down alongside it and tunnels that continue outwards from the dug out well and stairs. They were constructed hundreds of years ago. We went on a free tour and had to wear hard hats while we wandered through the narrow tunnels. It was incredible and highly worth a visit. There is little left on the surface as the French troops blew it up when they were defeated and had to abandon the castle.

Burgos is a beautiful city and rates as one of my favourites. We finished the day by exploring more of the streets, drinking Sangrias while eating pinchos in a bar. Finally, we ambled back to the hotel, chatted and fell asleep.

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